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I wanted to tell you what God has been doing in my life. He put it on my heart to lead Fearless Faith Followers. This will be a podcast geared to all teens and preteens. It will be a 10-12 min Scripture reading and devotion for you so you can listen on your way to…

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UnPlug – Breathe – Meditate

  The topic is for everyone, but soulfully I am speaking to that mom that needs to love on herself again.  You do and do and do for others and now it is time for you to fill yourself back up.  Being a mom is the most rewarding, but most demanding job out there.  I…

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Eat The Dessert!

Most of us are taking our last vacations before school starts.  I preach balance.  Wouldn’t you all agree that pretty much everything we do fun involves food? Is it a southern thing? or should I say thaaang?  🙂 So enjoy the life, make the memories,  live in the moment, and for goodness sake… EAT THE…

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Boldness and Confidence

BOLDNESS…..  CONFIDENCE….. How do I encourage my children to have these two qualities?  I know one thing I can do is be an example.  I want and pray for my kids to be UNIQUE and not follow the crowd.  I wish I would have had just some confidence when I was their age! With all…

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